Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I love accents!






I think everyone does, but I think I love them more than most people. I typically don't have a hard time understanding accents. Even if I don't understand them the first time, I don't mind asking for them to repeat what they've said.

I've been noticing accents a lot. A girl in my german class is from Switzerland and has a beautiful French accent. All of my friends that are hispanic have accents. Recently, some of them from South America have been imitating a Mexican accent, or a Bazilian Portuguese accent. It's so interesting.

The real inspiration to this post is this guy in my class who is from Boston.

Oh, I left my heart in Boston.

Our professor asked him to speak today (which was really good, and I was happy to hear his story) and out comes this thick Boston accent. After saying "pawty" instead of "parrrrty", he laughed and said he hoped we understood him and "maybe I need a translata". I couldn'ce translated for him :) While it's not exotic or beautiful, I LOVE IT! I think he and I should be friends - I even told him so. I just didn't admit that the main reason for our friendship would be so I could hear that accent!

I wish I had a Boston accent....or at least be really good at imitating one - then maybe people will believe I'm from there. It's funny, talking to him, I could totally slip back into it, but when I'm not around it, it's hard for me to do.

I really just want an accent - almost any will do (except southern...or utard) Have you noticed how people with accents are always so much more interesting. I strive to be interesting. I knew a girl from Australia who everyone wanted to get to know and I attribute it to her accent.

Beside Boston, I want an Italian or a French accent. They're pretty and pouty and mysterious and interesting - remember, I strive to be interesting. What accent do you want?

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