Sunday, June 27, 2010


I don't really care for iphones. Not becuase I dislike them - they're cool - but I don't need one to get by in life. Like, instead of playing on my iphone, I talk to the people around me. Plus, I also know that in a couple of months it'll be outdated and I'll be wanting to buy the better one (for example the iphone 4g)

I'm not jealous of your iphone and I don't really dislike that you have one, I just dislike the fact that you bought one when I know you struggle to pay rent and buy food - maybe you should consider the people who have helped you and recognize that they were able to help you because they don't pay extra to have internet or silly games on their phones.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's finally here. The rain and the best smell in the world. I have been listening to the thunder for the past 20 minutes in anticipation. I have always been impatient and I'm just now noticing that I am impatient with just about everything.

Why can't I just be doing what I want to do now? Sometimes I have to remember that the journey is the most important part.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Vagabond Soul

I want to go somewhere new just about everyday. Today, it's the northern coast of the US. I want to take a road trip from San Fransisco up to Seattle and hit all the places in between. Actually, why stop? I want to go all the way up to Alaska.

Yesterday I wanted to be back in Vienna.

The day before that, it was New York.

I don't know where this desire to travel came from. Actually, that's probably not true. My parents moved every 2 years. It was before I was born, but I think it's kind of in my blood. My mom would probably disagree with that, but she has to admit it - How many places did you live?

I just like going new places, meeting new people, seeing all there is to see. I mean, aren't you just dying to see this?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

What I've been up to

Well, a long time has passed and a lot has happened. I...

- learned to play guitar. Really. And I don't know why I didn't start earlier.

- started going to salsa again. During my break, I magically got better. Odd.

- had my most embarrassing experience. Ever. I'll probably write about it because it'll make you laugh.

- within the same week I had a couple of other embarrassing moments (now, I don't get embarrassed that easily, so the fact that I had memorably embarrassing moments. within a week of each other! That's out of the ordinary.)

- tried new activities such as snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and rock climbing. Some turned out better than others (see above)

- called of my plans to study in Berlin, Germany this summer. Man, that was one of the biggest things I've had to deal with in a long time. Remind me to write about it.

- celebrated the beginning of spring quite colorfully - at the Festival of Colors!

- started my 23rd year - for those who don't get that, I'm 22.

- went to the happiest place on earth and was happy, although I'm not sure everyone with me was as happy.

- changed my major...again....and then I decided to change it back, maybe.

- started a new hobby which you will read all about.

- set some pretty awesome goals for this year, which I'm determined will work out. You'll have to help me with them.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

In case you forgot...

I look like this

It has been a while for most of you. If you possibly remembered what I used to look like, you might notice the change in hair color. I'm no longer blonde. It's been a good thing. I can go about 3 days without washing it. 4 if I push it. Also, I don't get hit on by Mexicans as much as before.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Apparently I've had a hard time updating this...

not for lack of material...

or time really.

I guess I just wasn't quite motivated. I've found a lot of other things to do, which you'll get to hear(read) about. Blogging has been on my mind lately and I've decided to commit. I have so much to say, with so few of you to read it.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Everyday's a great day!

I'm always confused with what I'm doing with my life BUT there are certain things I am very sure about and am thankful for. You should definitely watch this.

Really, everyday there are little things that make my life so fantastic!

Today, I passed a very good looking stranger and decided not to hide the fact that I was looking at him as I passed him. Well, he looked at me and we smiled and he said hi as we passed. Thanks stranger for making my day better.