Sunday, February 17, 2008

100 Things About Me

These are what make me me!

1. I love peanut butter and I eat it just about everyday in some form.
2. I love baseball and basketball.
3. I wish I had more time to read books I like.
4. I could watch the movie Elf year round.
5. I love to cook and bake.
6. I've always been really good at arts and crafts.
7. I had wanted to be a vet or a doctor for most of my life.
8. I have always enjoyed creative writing and I excel in it.
9. Chocolate is it's own food group in my life.
10. I have never been to any other country outside the US except Canada.
11. I have been to an awful lot of states because my parents have lived everywhere.
12. I still consider Massachusetts a home.
13. Arizona is too hot in the summer.
14. I learned how to surf and I wish I could go everyday.
15. I love vacations and having fun.
16. I love being outside.
17. I wish I went camping, hiking and rock climbing more.
18. I am a FANTASTIC listener and I love being a good friend.
19. Sometimes being a good listener gets me in trouble because everyone comes to me with their problems. I don't always mind, but I get stuck in the middle quite often.
20. I daydream a lot.
21. I think my life should be a musical. I have to restrain myself from breaking out into song and dance.
22. Coconut joy is my new favorite ice cream from the creamery.
23. I sometimes talk in my sleep.
24. I am actually a lot more outspoken than people realize.
25. I was a complete brat when I was little.
26. I was told I was the prettiest baby ever!
27. I can't wait to be a mom.
28. I can wait though, because I love sleep!
29. I am a morning person.
30. I love yoga.
31. My favorite candy bars are snickers. They're classic.
32. I cry in movies...most movies.
33. I love Rachel Ray, I think she's adorable.
34. Somedays I wish I had my own talk show.
35. I played basketball a year in highschool and sometimes regret quitting.
36. I miss playing the violin and clarinet.
37. I took karate for 7 1/2 years.
38. I hate the smell of coffee. It is slowly gettting better, but no, I don't like it.
39. I like to dance hip-hop.
40. I am the biggest procrastinator.
41. I can throw things together in less than a day, and not forget anything important.
42. I am great at party planning.
43. I wish people would listen to me more because I am smarter than they think.
44. I have always had a strange love for reptiles.
45. My mom's allergic to dog's so she told me if I found a dog she wasn't allergic to, I could get one....she didn't think I could actually do it.....but now we have Maggie.
46. I am stubborn and I get what I want.
47. I don't like people who use the terms "gay" or "retarded." They are asinine and need better vocabularies.
48. I hate being bad at anything, so I give up on things I'm bad at.
49. Except Music and performance. I didn't sing or act well, but it's the only thing I really want to get better at.
50. I think people should do what makes them happy instead of what makes others happy.
51. I'm against NCMO.
52. Everyone's a hypocrite, I at least admit I am one.
53. I don't really like inconsiderate people. They may even be really nice to me, but I don't like people who don't consider everyone.
54. I love the Travel Channel and the Discovery Channel.
55. My sister was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and won $50,000.
56. As a kid, I always wanted to be on a Game show like Family Double Dare or something.
57. I have a very active imagination.
58. My favorite thing to do is people watch and eavesdrop on strangers' conversations.
59. I am really good with kids and animals.
60. I am slightly afraid of heights.
61. I hate seafood. Even the smell makes me gag.
62. I love baseball games.
63. I'm a pretty open and honest person.
64. I really want to be liked by everyone and am always hurt when someone doesn't.
65. I don't always like talking on the phone, unless I really like the person and I know they want to talk to me.
66. I have the cutest nieces and nephew in the universe!
67. I find cleaning the kitchen to be really relaxing. (when it's my mess, not my roomate's)
68. I have never been to New York and I really want to go.
69. I am actually very good at math and science.
70. I think my mom listens to "hipper" music than I do. I burn her cd's becuase she has the newest, coolest stuff.
71. I LOVE Disneyland!
72. I'm quite often called Chelsea, which is my sister's name. The wierd thing is, people who don't even know I have a sister still call me Chelsea by mistake for no reason.
73. FLOWERS MAKE MY HEART MELT. Anyone can win me over with flowers.
74. I love card games, board games and puzzles.
75. I doodle when I am bored in class.
76. I constantly have to be doing something with my hands.
77. I'm not anxious when I am tap dancing around. I just can't stand still. I don't even realize it.
78. Oh yeah, I can tap dance a little.
79. Gene Kelly is amazing!
80. I love old movies.
81. I am a nerd, and I don't mind.
82. I think when people embrace who they are, then they are cool.
83. It's true, dogs are man's best friends.
84. I love Arizona sunsets.
85. I wish I was a photographer.
86. I'm thinking about writing a book.
87. I want to save the world.
88. I think love is the best service anyone could ever give.
89. I don't like having to do my hair, it takes too long.
90. I love getting my hair done for me.
91. I used to have white blond hair.
92. I can't get a tan for the life of me.
93. I don't like people who are really prideful and have to have the best to show off to others.
94. I love quiet nights in with a close friend.
95. I am competitive because my mom never lets me win. Man, it was a great day when I beat her in racquetball.
96. I could beat you in boggle.
97. I like change.
98. I love conversations with people I don't know.
99. I am optimistic and pretty much always happy!
100. I think you know enough about me now.