Thursday, July 30, 2009

Somedays I feel inspired to be a better person.

Whether it be watching a movie, or talking with someone I look up to, I absolutely love hearing others' stories.

I feel so blessed to know some pretty great people.

I feel even luckier to be given the opportunity to serve them, even in the smallest ways.

Then it makes me feel like I was a part of their story.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I may be insane.

Do you think I could handle working full-time and school full-time?

I really need the extra money for my idea of what I want to do next year. My plans are...big. I mean BIG. In case you don't understand, they are BIG, HUGE, GINORMOUS! But, until I think about it more and find a second and possibly third job, I'm not telling what they are.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nostalgia at its worse!

Mein Wien

Oh, how I long for Oesterreich and all it has to offer. Oper, men in scarves, Kuchen, and the U-bahn.

I remember riding a bike through the Austrian countryside. Hiking in the Alps. Walking through the shady Karlsplatz station. All of it went by in the blink of an eye. Memories that are too splendid to really think are real.

I'll only believe them when I'm back there again.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Highlight of this week (before going home of course)

For work I had to deliver something to a physics professor and I stood around waiting for him for half an hour. I knew he had a meeting at 3 so I headed down to the room where the meeting was supposed to be. It was 3 o'clock and no one was there. Then a couple of guys came and looked in the room. I could over hear them talking. "Do we have group meeting today?" "Maybe they forgot like last week."

I went over and asked them if they knew where the professor was. They thought they had seen him downstairs in the lab. I sat and listened as they talked about whether or not the professor remembered they had a meeting. They were quick and funny and obviously smart and pretty nerdy/geeky guys.

They offered to show me where the lab was. As we were walking towards it, some of their friends met us at the top of the stairs. One of them said "Chicks dig physicists." I think it was in reference to one of the guys shirts - but it was really random, and I don't think he had noticed I was there yet. The group told us the professor was on his way and I could wait for him - but not before I heard more of their funny, nerdy, jokes and jabs. As I was standing there listening, I realized the geekiest one of all - the one that blurted out that "Chicks dig physicists" - was staring at me. I noticed it and then looked back to see if it was true - yep, still staring. Not that really creepy kind of stare, it was more like he was staring in astonishment. I had to hold in a laugh. It was like he had never seen a girl before. It was kinda cute.

I walked away thinking I had met some of the coolest guys (in their own way). They obviously loved physics and lived in the lab, but they were funny and friendly.

It reminded me of the movie Sydney White. That movie reference is for my sister and I'm slightly embarrassed to be sharing it with the rest of the world, but..... I'm Danielle and I'm a dork! haha - that's a movie reference.

National HolidayS

Last week was a busy one.

That guy I met at salsa... he's a good guy. I hung out with him a couple of times, thought he was cool and then he got overeager/needy/annoying when he would text me 5 times in one day. I got busy with my sister being in town, so I couldn't see him over the weekend and then Monday I get this text.

The 4th of july is gone. But the desire 2 salsa with u is still there. I really wanna c u danny. Give me a call when u get a chance.

I told him I was busy this week, since I'm going out of town. That gave me another week. I'll just procrastinate like I do with everything else, and figure it out next week.

My sister came up to Provo. It was so nice to be with "outsiders" - people outside of the BYU bubble. We had a Canada Day BBQ, watched Indiana Jones, went to the temple open house, went out to eat, had a 4th of July BBQ and watched fireworks, and went to a dinner.

Sidenote: Do you notice the theme of food? I don't think people can socialize without it. Even if an activity isn't centered on food, it's still in there like eating popcorn while watching a movie or the great cookies they hand out after seeing the temple.

It was a great week filled with family and I can't wait to go home to see the rest of them.

Highlight of Last Week

I was able to attend the Utah Symphony Friday night and they played Jupiter, my favorite movement of The Planets. During the movement, I could hear humming coming from my left. I knew it wasn't my date because he had just told me he didn't know the song. It was pretty loud humming considering we were sitting in the 3rd row and I could here it over the symphony. Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye, my friend and another guy in our group look at each other and start laughing. Their roommate Dustin was the one humming and he didn't realize we could all hear him.