Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We got caught!

I can't believe I haven't updated about our pranking situation.

Well, last sunday (a week from yesterday) we had plans to get those boys back for the duck. Ours did not include any animal cruelty.

2:00 pm - At church, we decide with our friend Tashina that the time had come

7:15 - Call Tashina to solidify plans. She comes over and we spend 15 minutes deciding on how to get those boys out of their apartment without locking the door. She was to convince them to go to ward prayer.

8:00 - We go hang out at Sam's apartment while we wait for them to leave.

8:30 - They leave for ward prayer and we get a text from Tashina. Apparently, these boys are too lazy to bring their keys, so they don't lock their apartment.

We run over to their apartment and start carrying out plan #1 - CUPCAKES.

For Valentine's Day, my roomate decided to make cupcakes for the entire ward, but she got busy and never got around to frosting them. Some of them were burnt too. So, what do you do with a ton of cupcakes that are 2 weeks old?

Plan #2 -Kaneischa's friend has this mannequin head and boy is it creepy. I went in my room one day and found "Helga," as she's known around here, in my bed.

Plan #3 - Unfortunately, plan 3 was not carried out. We were beginning it when Kaneischa heard someone come up to the door. She ran behind the door right as it started opening, but not me. I was a deer in headlights as Ryan and his cousin walked in. He wasn't even surprised to see us. He just said "You're pranking Preston and Justin." When Kaneischa said, "No, Preston and Ryan." He gave us a funny look and we said "gotta go!" and ran out.

We've never been caught before! We don't feel like we're even, but nothings going to happen right now. Actually, we stopped by last night, and there might be some collaboration in the near future. It made for a great story and this ward hasn't seen the end of our pranking :)

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