Monday, August 10, 2009

This day just keeps getting better

This is great!

As if the snuggie wasn't bad enough, they had to make This too!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I rarely ever feel hopeless, but a few days ago I did. Camille and I could not seem to catch a break when it came to looking for an apartment. Every place we could find kept falling through. People would send application/contracts right before us. I was very discouraged.

Then today happened. We got an apartment. Not just an apartment, but an awesome apartment with vaulted ceilings. We will also be sharing this apartment with my friend Bekah and her friend. It worked out perfectly and I feel so lucky to have all those other places fall through. Now we're living with Bekah, we have an awesome manager, the apartment looks great for what we're paying, and supposedly the guy to girl ratio is 2:1. I'm looking forward to a fantastic school year.

Speaking of school...I'm trying to decide what classes to take. I have a couple of set ones, but I really want to take a second language course. What language do you think? Russian, Italian, French, Arabic? So far everyone says Italian, but the other ones might be more useful...but I want to take a romantic language because once you learn one, the other ones come pretty easy.