Monday, January 26, 2009

I confess!

I smuggle food in and eat lunch in the library.

Great, thanks, I needed to get that off my chest.

Yes, I break the rules now and again....actually almost everyday. They have a strict NO FOOD policy, but honesty, how do they expect us to study without brain food.

Well, I really need to stop because I not only have a problem with eating in the library, but I have this habit of bringing noisy food. Oh man, but I love carrot sticks, crunchy apples and granola bars. Those poor studious students surrounding me were in silence until they start hearing package rustling and crunching and munching.

One day I was good and brought yogurt, but that didn't go so well. I opened it and it exploded on the sleeve of my shirt. Then, after it was open, I realized I didn't have a spoon. I wasn't going to waste it and I was hungry, so I pulled out my noisy granola bar and used that as a spoon. It was noisy and messy and I actually didn't study much that day....I think I was watching The Office haha.

Today I brought my green apple without even thinking and when I got hungry, I took two crunchy bites into it and then decided to go home. So I packed up and walked out with my apple. That wasn't such a good idea because my hand holding the apple almost got frostbite. Man, what is the library thinking making us eat outside? :)

DUCK UPDATE: I'm sure the duck got back to pond just fine. We now know it was a girl from my ward. She had accomplices, we just don't know who. They don't know what they just got themselves into. If you have any good ideas on how to get them back, leave a comment.

Friday, January 23, 2009

What do you do on a Friday night?

I had a nice Friday evening. A relaxing evening. A kinda lonely evening, spent just to myself...mainly because my friends were busy and I didn't feel like calling anyone. A nice quiet eve......until this happened.

My roomate was in the kitchen and our other roomate had gone off to wherever she was going. Then I heard the back door. I assumed that it was Kaneischa coming back, and apparently Roxy thought so too. All of a sudden, from the other room, I hear

I started laughing before I even saw it. I actually thought that Kaneischa had walked in with a duck. Nope, someone just dropped him off.

So much for uneventful Friday's. That made my night.

How was your Friday?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life is....

always made better by BYU Creamery Chocolate Milk....even when life is already going great!

Life is also funny sometimes. I love BYU and I've missed it. It's funny because I definately did not feel this way two years ago. In fact, I hated it here. I did not know why so many people liked it when the classes were so hard, you were just one of the many faces, and everyone seemed so wrapped up in their own lives. A lot has changed since then I've learned what a great place this is. Here are some reasons why.

- The Mountains. Beautiful, but also gives a sense of direction.

- The Classes. While hard, you always are learning something and professors are always willing to help you outside of class. They even manage to learn your name.

- Campus. It's always clean, the walkways are clear in the winter and then come spring, there are always tulips.

- Devotionals and Firesides. Sunday night I saw President Monson and today Elder Holland. I didn't use to go to devotionals on Tuesdays, but I find them to be a great way to relax during the week and re-evaluate my priorities.

- Friendly People. I used to think they were always fake (which sometimes they might be) but then when you've had two great classes, listened to devotional, did homework and drank creamery chocolate milk, you really are just happy, so why not say hi to strangers?

- Friends. I've made fantastic friends and I've been able to learn something new from all of them. I love running into them on campus and remembering the great times I had with them.

- Church. From great devotionals, to fun wards, to sharing testimonies in class, BYU has been a "spiritual high" like everyone has said. It's a great environment to learn in and it also is a great way to see the Lord's hand in everything.

Yep, I turned into an advocate of BYU. And just think, I did that without ever having gone to BYU football game. :) But I still bleed

Oh yeah, and add the Creamery to the list. It provides a place for freshmen dates, great ice cream, and of course, CHOCOLATE MILK!