Saturday, June 27, 2009

A New Beginning

I feel I should start documenting my life.

I'm sorry if you're reading this and you find my life boring, but I find it hilarious.

And I'm sorry to the people in my life....because I'm going to write about you.

If you didn't already know, I'm vice-president of BYU Salsa Club - a title I'm still confused by. I'm white, I don't speak Spanish and I'm still just trying to get past the basics of salsa dancing. BUT, until my President Ana realizes that there are much better people for the position, I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

Last night I went to the local salsa club, Salsa Chocolate. It's a great place where no alcohol is served and dancers - beginner to advanced - are welcome. This time was a little different than it usually is. I went by myself! Usually I have the security of my friends or a "wing-man". Surprisingly, I found it to be a liberating experience. While I was slightly insecure of being there alone, I wasn't insecure of whether or not my friends thought I was lame or if they were bored.

Well, last night was also a little different because

1. I actually gave my number to a guy I don't know. This guy Joe asked me to dance a few times and he was really nice. I think I've seen him before and I figured - why not?

2. I wasn't asked to dance by a million old mexican men who are a foot shorter than me. Well, I didn't dance with them, but I still got hit on. A couple of them kept smiling at me as they walked by car as I was about to leave. Then before I had the chance to pull out, one guy pulled in next to me and tried to get me to roll down my window to talk to him. Maybe it was rude, but I declined.

Man, even if they are creepy old mexican men, it feels good to know I was looking hot last night.

But then again, I always look hot.

Haha, that was a joke. You should see my hair when I wake up in the morning.

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Aubrey said...

YOu are freaking hilarious. I can't wait to read about your life. It's much more exciting than mine!