Monday, June 29, 2009

Books, Languages and Family

Yesterday, Sunday, was quite a busy day for a Sunday, but I loved it! The highlight was seeing my professor, Cindy's family. Yesterday had been her oldest son's mission farewell. Her family was with us in Vienna and I can't believe how much I've missed them.

It was so nice to be around family rather than the typical single's scene here. We ate food, were surrounded by chaos of kids running around and watched an intense game of Diplomacy (well, part of it anyway, since it's hours long - if you don't know what it is, think Risk, but WORSE)

My favorite part was just to be around so many smart people. Now I'm not saying my friends aren't smart, but these people are geniuses. I heard German, French and Spanish being spoken and I heard some great jazz and classical piano being played. I also listened to books, politics and history being discussed. Man, I wish I was that smart AND cool. I think in order to be that smart, I'd have to hide myself away from the world to study it all, which would negatively affect my social skills. I'm already having a hard enough time being cool.

If you can figure out how to balance it, let me know. In fact, if you know how to just be cool, I could really use some advice.

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Anonymous said...

it's all good! i moved my blog because i just wanted a different name. it bothered me a TON that i had to spell "bunbury" wrong in order to get it in my url. bah. so..i changed it. and then i changed it again. i think i'll like it this way for awhile. i'm working on a new layout, so...hopefully things will be settled soon. perhaps i'll just change the colors. eh. i dunno. i'm feeling lazy at the moment, but i just want to get things back up. so..we'll see.

as for school..yes, i'm right there with you. i'm going to do better this next semester. i'm determined. i've given up on guys. they're too distracting. i may not have the most exciting social life, but at least i'll have good grades so that i can get into a decent school for my masters.

yeah, that turned into an email as well. it's all good, right? anything exciting going on?