Monday, May 18, 2009

Things on my mind

I got an awesome job!

I made a mistake at work today and now I need to find out how to tell my boss.

I saw a raccoon the other night! Not that exciting, but I was so close to it. It was dark, so I didn't realize it was a raccoon 'til it scurried into the gutter to hide from us.

I have a sweet tooth. I could go for a really good vanilla cupcake right about now....or a cherry limeade from sonic. Random?

I'm still looking at majors. I WILL have one picked by the end of summer.

I should go to the gym.

I miss my computer! It died and I'm still waiting to hear back. I love that when I took it in and the guy was filling out the paper for the diagnostic, he put b.s.o.d. for blue screen of death. I don't know why, but I found that really funny.

I should work on the ward directory, but I just want to go home. That's why I miss my laptop. I'm a homebody...who knew?

I think this girl sitting next to me in the library is neurotic. Maybe that's why I miss being at home.

I hope she takes a long time at the printer so she doesn't see what I wrote. haha

I've got some pretty awesome friends.

I had fun playing soccer at the park last night. That means a lot. I like soccer, but I'm not good at it, so I don't always enjoy playing. AND I was playing barefoot.

I still need to learn spanish. Why do I keep putting it off?

I don't like the pants and shoes I'm wearing. I can't wait to go home and change.

OH, I got my hair cut on saturday. It looks good, but it's really short. Now I really wish my hair was really long. Maybe I'll save up for extensions.

I think I need to go eat lunch - the sun chips I just ate aren't going to cut it.

I'm impressed if you just read all of that :)


Anonymous said...

oh no...the blue screen of death? good luck getting your stuff back. please tell me you had it backed up?? the blue screen of death is the WORST thing that can happen to your computer. was it really the blue screen of death? it's a very specific shade of blue.

p.s. i read all of it. feel free to be impressed at any moment.

dani said...

haha, I am impressed :) Yes, it was the blue screen of death, but they're re-installing windows and they said they can back-up most of my stuff before they do it

Anonymous said...

I think you'll enjoy Slumdog Millionaire. The way they told the story was brilliantly executed. it really shouldn't have been R. I mean...seriously. Yeah, there's some violence, but less than most PG-13 action movies. However, it involves children, so that's probably why it's R. But it's a pretty good film.