Thursday, September 17, 2009

Therapy Session

You know, I love writing and I love staying connected with people, but I just can't seem to get this blogging thing down. Throughout the day I think of great things I want to write down, but I never get around to actually writing it. I also think that blogging could potentially be a therapy session. Well Doc, I'm laying on the couch spilling out my guts to you.

Today was the International Fair that the Kennedy Center put on. I shouldn't have gone. I want to go everywhere. As my roommate put it, it's like a crack addict going into a drug house.

I'm an addict and traveling is my drug.

I picked up a couple of really good flyers and I talked to the professor going to Vienna next fall about going as a facilitator (I would help run and organize things as well as teach the prep class next semester). Man, so many places to see and so little money.

Here's the real plan though (I think). My professor is taking a group to Berlin in May. It would be 2 months of intensive German at the Goethe Institut (yes, that is spelled right). He is planning to end the program with a tour of Germany. Being shown Germany by a German himself - sign me up! Then I would stay in Europe and travel a little before September when I'd start the Vienna program. Oh, I left my heart in Vienna. It is one of the most beautiful, efficient, clean, and cultured cities and I am dying to go back. Now, I'm just trying to figure out how to pay for it. I'm going to take out a loan for it, try to get a grant or 2, but I'm still worried I'm going to fall short.

If you are willing to donate to my cause, I would really appreciate it. It's not just me gallavanting around Europe (ok, maybe just a little in between) but this is my education. I am a German major and I think the only way I'll truly learn is by being there.

Oh, so the International Fair was just one part of my day. Other things worth mentioning

We did a group assignment in class today and it went well. The girls I worked with were nice. Then at the end, the two of them started talking about Lord of the Rings. At first I tried talking to them, but it didn't really work out. They somehow sensed, before they got deep into their conversation, that I was not obsessed with Tolkien quite like they were. I wasn't even in the conversation when they started it, but then within a couple of minutes, I learned that was a good thing when they started talking about learning elfish. I walked with them, listening to there conversation and before I left them, I overheard the cherry on top - "Oh, I'm actually the sectretary of the Quill and the Sword."* I laughed....out loud, but don't worry, I was far enough away that they didn't see or hear it. I'm judgemental.

There was a pair of black panties in the huge square in front of the Joseph Fielding Smith building. I hate the word panties, but I feel the word adds the effect needed. Yes, I thought it was hilarious. I'm immature.

Recap: I'm an addict, give me money, I'm judgemental and I'm immature. That was a great realization today. Could we have another therapy session this time tomorrow?

*The Quill and the Sword is the Medieval Club on campus. It is frequently made fun of by Divine Comedy.

You see them on campus with their capes, funny dresses, swords and when it's warm, they're barefooted.

Quite often I will ask my roommate "Why I can't get a boyfriend when the Medieval Club is all married?" which is usually answered with "yeah, but they're all married to each other."

Maybe this is why I can't get a B-friend - I'm an addict, I'm judgemental and I'm immature.

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