Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I don't have any time. I'm only on the computer as I quickly scarf down food - rice, beans and salsa because it's the only food I have since I don't have time to go shopping. Then I need to finish studying and take a German test. Then I go straight to Salsa Club which goes until 10. Then I need to come home, do homework and try to catch up in Spanish, especially since I didn't go to class today in order to study for my German test.

Then tomorrow, my day is packed full, as well as Thursday. Then I don't even get a weekend because this weekend is Parents Weekend. I've been planning this for months and it's actually here! There is so much to do and so little time! I've been spending my days at work trying to prepare for it, but I keep getting interrupted with phone calls from stupid parents. Really, how hard is it to understand what's on the website. It's not confusing. Ok, not all of them are stupid, but a few of them are. And don't worry, I don't tell them they're stupid to their faces.

Today, while I was waiting for my friend to study, I got to people watch and it was interesting. I saw man boobs that were in need of a "bro." I watched 2 EMT's run into the Library, looking slightly like superheroes. One was putting on gloves as he was running. I watched boys flirting with a girl who was playing dumb blonde....or maybe she was just that dumb. I can't stand it when girls act dumb on purpose and I think it's worse when boys like it. I saw a lot of other things, but those are the ones that stand out in my mind.

I got the coolest assignment today. I'm going to write a magazine article for a children's magazine and then I'm going to submit it to try and get published. How cool is that? I could get published and get paid for it, for an assignment.

K, I need to go study even though I have so much more to write about.


A Mother Heart said...

your night sounds like "around the world in 4 hours"

Anonymous said...

that would be awesome if you got published! good luck on the tests. i know how you feel; i have 5 tests within a week. sick. nutrition, pdbio, chem (micro-test), chem (macro-test), SFL finance. but then i have another pdbio and chem test next friday. disgusting.

did you ever find out why the EMTs were running in the library? i'm quite curious..hmm..