Thursday, July 9, 2009

National HolidayS

Last week was a busy one.

That guy I met at salsa... he's a good guy. I hung out with him a couple of times, thought he was cool and then he got overeager/needy/annoying when he would text me 5 times in one day. I got busy with my sister being in town, so I couldn't see him over the weekend and then Monday I get this text.

The 4th of july is gone. But the desire 2 salsa with u is still there. I really wanna c u danny. Give me a call when u get a chance.

I told him I was busy this week, since I'm going out of town. That gave me another week. I'll just procrastinate like I do with everything else, and figure it out next week.

My sister came up to Provo. It was so nice to be with "outsiders" - people outside of the BYU bubble. We had a Canada Day BBQ, watched Indiana Jones, went to the temple open house, went out to eat, had a 4th of July BBQ and watched fireworks, and went to a dinner.

Sidenote: Do you notice the theme of food? I don't think people can socialize without it. Even if an activity isn't centered on food, it's still in there like eating popcorn while watching a movie or the great cookies they hand out after seeing the temple.

It was a great week filled with family and I can't wait to go home to see the rest of them.

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