Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a fantastic week!

So, I admit that I'm not always very good at going out and doing things. Like, I felt bad when Chelsea came and I didn't even know what cool things there were to do in Vienna other than the good, cheap treats and chocolate... Anyway, this week was different. I went and did quite a bit.

Wednesday night a group of us went to the Austria vs. Turkey game. It was my first proffessional football game (yes, it's the REAL football, not the American kind, but I've never been to one of those either) Man, Austrians are crazy about their national team and they aren't even that good. We lost, but it was a BLAST! EVERYONE is decked out in red and white (the Turks too, because those are their colors as well haha) and then had flags painted on cheeks, carried flags, had scarves, name it. It was fun learning the cheers. I still occasionally find myself singing "Immer wieder Oesterreich!" Yeah, we lost 4-2 and the Turks didn't let us forget it as we left. Man, it was crazy. If you didn't know, the Austrians treat the Turks worse than we treat Mexicans, so it's a big deal. This was just a friendly match too, but they still had police and security EVERYWHERE. I guess at the last game, a riot broke out. It was quite the cultural experience.

Thursday night I went and saw Rebecca....again. And no, that's not a person, it's a musical based off of the novel by Daphne du Maurier. You may have even seen the Hitchcock film. Well, the musical is amazing! And I got to see it with the original cast, in the orignal language, in the city it premiered in! It's up for th e 2009-2010 Broadway season so keep a look out. This woman has the most amazing voice! I love it and am considering going a 3rd time - it really is that good. This time I had a better seat than when I went with Chelsea. I also bought a program. That night we had the whole original cast except for the famous guy who plays Mr. de Winter (I kinda like the understudy's voice more) At the end, this time, the cast got a standing ovation. Then, as we were leaving, I decided I wanted to go wait by the stagedoor for autographs. No one wanted to because it was freezing, but if you know me, you know I'm really stubborn, so I made us go just see. GOOD THING! We made it just in time as people came out. I got 5 autographs! And a couple of pictures! I'm still a little mad at "Mr. de Winter" because he ran away. Ugh! Meh, he wasn't even the lead anyway. Now I'm currently listening to the soundtrack.

Friday night was fun. It started out with the talent show at the Outreach center. Then after playing pool and darts, a group of us went to the Flex, a club right around the corner from where I live. It just so happens that the night we go happens to be the cd release of this guy, Stefan, who we had met about a month ago. We got to hear him and it was awesome. It's so funny because Vienna is a pretty big city. Anyway, we saw him and his band and they were great and I think I'm going to buy their cd. Then they played techno and we danced until 3:30 this morning. Oh, I forgot, on my way there and on my way home, I passed a crew filming a movie on my street. They were still there at 4 am when I was going to bed. That was pretty cool. I think the best part of the night was when I walked home by myself, enjoyed the quiet AND....It started snowing! The first snowfall is always the most magical. So it didn't stick, but it's still snowing. I cannot explain how amazing it is here at this time of year. Christmas music is playing everywhere, lights are everywhere and the displays are great. Arizona Christmas will never live up (but my family's there, so I guess I'll have to live with it)

So there would be no better way to end this week other than going to this tonight for the opening of the Schoenbrunn Weihnachtsmarkt.

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Niblet said...

WooHoo for Vienna! It sounds like you are having a blast, I'm glad for you. Michelle at the ARC is jealous, she never got to do such a thing. I need to tell her to think up a trip with a friend or two before she is no longer single. Christmas there DOES sound so much more pretty than here in the desert with the plastic blow-up cacti strung with lights we'll see in the front yards around the neighborhood... or a a giant Mickey, or ScoobyDoo or maybe the ultimate in Christmas spirit, SpongeBob!!