Monday, October 13, 2008


My German professor definitely wasn't expecting my answer when she asked what the best part of Italy was. You should have seen her face when I said, "Ein Italienischer Mann hat mich gekuesst!" HAHAHA!

If only she knew the whole story. The first picture is the guy who tried selling me a bag by saying "You dropped heart." It didn't work with me, or when he tried it on Melissa. He did, however, get a kiss on the cheek from both of us.

The next is Mossimo, who told me I was cute. He was pretty cute too. We became friends with him and Carlo. I was the lucky girl who they decided to kiss.

Here are some other pictures of our trip to Italy.


Aubrey said...

Um, so for us Germanically challenged folks...what does "Ein Italienischer Mann hat mich gekuesst!" mean???

dani said...

Haha, it means "An Italian man kissed me."