Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wedding Bells Nightmare!

Do you ever feel amazed by the strange dreams you dream up?

I never have typical dreams. I've never dreamt I'm flying, or I'm in my underwear or anything like that. The only reoccuring one seems to be running away from something chasing me and never feeling like I can get away. (I once dreamed of my aunt chasing me around our old house in Massachusetts with a large knife.) Now, don't try to tear it apart and figure out some subconcious reason for it because that's not even the dream I had last night.

I manage to have very realistic dreams that sometimes leave me with feelings that last the whole day. It's funny and I wish I understood why. I had a dream last night that I was riding a horse with my fiancee, who happened to be a boy I barely new when I was little. We are madly, deeply in love, which is weird for me. I admit to having never fallen in love, but now I feel like I understand the feeling. Then all of a sudden I'm at the reception hall for my wedding and nothing is the way I want it. It's horrible! I didn't have flowers, only paper ones that are colored with crayon. I don't even have a dress! I remember being with my mom (no offense mom because it is only a dream) and being mad at her and she was trying to make it better, but still didn't get that I just couldn't be getting married if my reception was going to look like this!

Then I woke up.

I have had the feeling of love all day, but I also get the wave of anxiety, fear and anger whenever I think of that scene. Maybe it's my subconcious telling me to be a wedding planner! :)

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Aubrey said...

This is so funny! First, you don't need to analyze your dream about our aunt very deeply to know where that came from! Anyone who knows anything about our family can understand that one!

And as for your finacee--I'd love to know who it was! And I'll have to keep in mind the crayon flowers. I bet all my girls would LOVE to help decorate for your wedding some day! Just supply the paper and I guarantee that you will have some bee-u-ti-ful flowers for real cheap!