Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Love My Jonah-bear

Jonah quite often tells me he loves me. Of course it's usually right after I tell him to stop jumping off the furniture to distract me as he climbs back up to do it again. Today was proof that he does love me though when he walked into the bathroom while I was doing my hair and started this conversation.

J: "Danielle, you're pretty."
D: "Thank you Jonah. You're very handsome."
J: "You're pretty."
D: "And you're handsome."
J: "Danielle, I love you sooo much."
D: "Ah, I love YOU sooo much."
J: "Yeah, I love you more than anyone in the whole world!"
D: "Wow, I love you too. But what about Mommy?"
J: "Yeah, and Daddy and Jemma. I love them..... (As he walks out of the bathroom) You're Pretty"

He's so darn cute!

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