Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Vagabond Soul

I want to go somewhere new just about everyday. Today, it's the northern coast of the US. I want to take a road trip from San Fransisco up to Seattle and hit all the places in between. Actually, why stop? I want to go all the way up to Alaska.

Yesterday I wanted to be back in Vienna.

The day before that, it was New York.

I don't know where this desire to travel came from. Actually, that's probably not true. My parents moved every 2 years. It was before I was born, but I think it's kind of in my blood. My mom would probably disagree with that, but she has to admit it - How many places did you live?

I just like going new places, meeting new people, seeing all there is to see. I mean, aren't you just dying to see this?

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