Monday, January 26, 2009

I confess!

I smuggle food in and eat lunch in the library.

Great, thanks, I needed to get that off my chest.

Yes, I break the rules now and again....actually almost everyday. They have a strict NO FOOD policy, but honesty, how do they expect us to study without brain food.

Well, I really need to stop because I not only have a problem with eating in the library, but I have this habit of bringing noisy food. Oh man, but I love carrot sticks, crunchy apples and granola bars. Those poor studious students surrounding me were in silence until they start hearing package rustling and crunching and munching.

One day I was good and brought yogurt, but that didn't go so well. I opened it and it exploded on the sleeve of my shirt. Then, after it was open, I realized I didn't have a spoon. I wasn't going to waste it and I was hungry, so I pulled out my noisy granola bar and used that as a spoon. It was noisy and messy and I actually didn't study much that day....I think I was watching The Office haha.

Today I brought my green apple without even thinking and when I got hungry, I took two crunchy bites into it and then decided to go home. So I packed up and walked out with my apple. That wasn't such a good idea because my hand holding the apple almost got frostbite. Man, what is the library thinking making us eat outside? :)

DUCK UPDATE: I'm sure the duck got back to pond just fine. We now know it was a girl from my ward. She had accomplices, we just don't know who. They don't know what they just got themselves into. If you have any good ideas on how to get them back, leave a comment.


Rachel said...

one of THOSE people!! ahhh!!! i totally understand about being hungry in the library...but....ahhh....danielle, how could you!?! i'm going to pretend i never read this because...dun dun dun...i work in the library. *gasp* that's right.

you know, you can bring snacks, but only things that aren't liquidy (like, say...yogurt..just for an example) or buttery or really anything that would leave residue on your fingers that could touch the book. and you can have water.

this is what i was told in orientation.'ve got a source. however...should anyone ask you, PLAY DUMB. and definitely do not mention me.


Aubrey said...

did you get that job in the library?

I used to bring snacks all the time. And even got busted a couple of times. Really, who doesn't snack when they study?