Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getting There

I am in Vienna!!! So, I'm sure you all don't want to hear about my long hours of sitting in a plane, but as usual, I have fun(detailed) stories to tell.

I'm pretty sure that yesterday morning was the first time in quite a while that I have woken up before sunrise. We got to the airport in plenty of time and said goodbye to Utah (I flew with my friend Marinda, who lives in Salt Lake. She will be my roomate in Vienna) We had loads of time before our flight took off. We checked our bags and I was relieved my suitcases weighed in at 48 lbs and 46 lbs. I really did try to pack light. I even left a few things at Marinda's house to lighten the load. Anyway, check-in, blah, blah, blah. We meet up with other girls from our program and all sit with anticipation/dread for the day ahead of us.

On the plane, I had the window seat and Marinda had the aisle. The middle seat was taken by a woman who sounded Australian. We never really talked, but she was definately a cool lady. Us 3 girls shared a few laughs and giggles at the things we heard and saw around us, such as the lady who was given bag from the overhead compartment because the attendant needed the room (and because it fit under her seat) but then as soon as the attendant turned around, hopped right up and put it back.

Really, this first flight could not have gone any smoother. You see, it was intended as an international flight. We were getting off in New York, but the plane was continuing on to Barcelona. That meant that movies were free! And because I had remembered my ipod, I didn't have to pay $2 for ear phones. Delta airlines was great, made it really simple, but the real reason I liked them was that I got to pick my own personal movie on the screen infront of me. Like, I got to scroll through a bunch of new releases and pick. I watched Made of Honor (typical chick flick that even I could write) and Leatherheads (well, I slept through most of it). Then the flight was shorter than expected and we landed 10 minutes early :) It was great!

Then we got a little confused in the JFK airport. A nice guy that worked for Delta saw us struggling and gave us great directions and even walked us through most of the way. The whole cause of the confusion: Terminal 1 was not on the map. Yes, thank you JFK airport for giving us platform 9 3/4! We were supposed to know that we needed to board the airtrain at the 2/3 platform (the platform between terminal 2 and 3) and then take it to the terminal that on your map, does not exist. Anyway, we got there, got in the wrong line, accidentally cut a woman in line (I hate being rude to others) and then had only 40 minutes to get through security and find the gate.

Well, I lead us in the security line. I hand the guy my ticket and the envelope with my itinerarymy stuck in my passport. He hands me back the envelope and jokingly says, "I don't want yo' money." Haha, we both laugh and I reply, "Well, if it gets me through any faster." He laughs, and we all get past him and are now waiting in this rediculously long security line. Well, then my jokester friend steps in and opens up another line for us, giving us "the VIP treatment," as he put it. Unfortunately, he didn't know that all the pilots and attendants were going to come cut us in line because they have priority. I stood and waited and waited and waited and the line never got shorter. Then a French pilot (who was very handsome) smiles at me and told me sorry. He wanted to help us, but he really didn't know what to do. Finally the security guard let us go through because he had watched us stand and wait patiently. I ended up running into that French pilot again. He was happy we made it through.

Well, the the next 8 hours weren't that exciting. It involved sitting uncomfortably and trying to sleep. We finally got to Vienna. The whole first day was just a big blur because I was a walking zombie. We sat in the airport for a long time waiting for everyone. We hung out at a hotel and then we went to an awesome italian restaurant for pizza. I got the regolo. It had Tomatensauce, Mozzerella, Knoblauch(garlic), Oregano, und spinat(spinach). It was SO good, but I had horrible garlic breath for the rest of the night.

At the Restaurant

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